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How to Improve Warehouse Security

Warehouses are common targets for
criminals. It makes sense, since these facilities often hold a large amount of
inventory, not to mention electronics, tools, technology, and other assets.
Since warehouses are frequently attacked by criminals, it’s critical that you
take steps to protect your facility.

Here are five ways that you can drastically
improve security at your warehouse.

Have Proper Lighting

Criminal thrive in the dark. To reduce
crime at your warehouse, make sure that you have proper lighting installed both
inside and outside of your facility. All entrances and exits should be
well-lit, as well as storage areas, fences, parking lots, and anywhere else
where criminals could lurk.

Not only does proper lighting make
criminals more visible to staff and passersby, but it also improves security
camera footage, which is often difficult to capture in poor lighting.

Restrict Access

It’s critical that you prevent unauthorized
individuals from gaining access to your warehouse facility. However, it’s also
important to restrict access within your warehouse. Not all areas need to be
accessible to all employees. Use security gates to keep sensitive areas or
areas that contain dangerous or valuable items off limits. Mobile security
gates can easily be installed around warehouse aisles or within hallways to
prevent unwanted access.

Secure Warehouse Doors

The doors to your warehouse should never be left without proper security. This means that all access doors should be properly secured with physical tools, including loading dock doors, garage doors, windows, and any other access points.

Physical security gates are an ideal way to
secure warehouse entry points as they restrict access while still allowing you
to see through them. Plus, they also allow for ventilation, which is needed in
hot warehouses during the summer.

Unlike surveillance cameras and alarm
systems, physical security gates place a strong barrier between criminals and
your property. They are also highly visible, so criminals know that your
business is secure just by looking at it. In many cases, criminals avoid
locations that have physical security installed.

Train Staff

Make sure that your staff understand how
critical security is to your organization. Ensure that they follow all security
protocols, that they keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour, and that they
work to keep the facility as safe as possible.

It’s also important to ensure that your
staff is trustworthy. Conduct background checks before hiring and always check

Don’t Forget Data Security

Criminals aren’t just after the physical
goods in your warehouse. There is also a large amount of important company data
stored on the computers in your facility. Be sure that all staff have unique
logins and strong passwords, that they only use their own IDs to access company
computers, and that they sign out or lock a computer system when they walk away
from it.

Data breaches and unauthorized access to
your organization’s computer system can be incredibly costly for your business,
so make sure that all staff are properly trained on your organization’s data
security processes.

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