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Using an Entrance Security Gate to Secure your Business

Physical security has a number of key advantages over other types of security tools. One of the most important is that it places a strong physical barrier between criminals and your property. An alarm system or a surveillance camera doesn’t physically keep criminals out, but an entrance security gate will certainly deter them.

Smash and grab robberies are common among criminals. There are many reasons why. One major one is that these crimes can be carried out quickly. Even if a business has an alarm system installed, and even if this alarm is designed to notify the police immediately, criminals know they can leave the scene with valuables before the police arrive. Most smash and grab robberies take just a few minutes. Some take only seconds. Criminals
know that if they work quickly, they can break through a door or window, steal what they’re looking for, and leave the scene before the police arrive.

Criminals also know that they can cover their faces with scarves, hoods, or masks, so they cannot easily be identified by video surveillance footage. This means having cameras in place does not deter them from striking.

While alarm systems and security cameras can alert police and give them information about the crime, they don’t physically stop criminals from gaining access. An entrance security gate will make it much more difficult, which usually results with criminals looking for an easier target.

How an Entrance Security Gate Deters Criminals Before They Strike

Another reason why smash and grabs are common is that criminals don’t need sophisticated tools to carry out these crimes. With a crowbar, hammer, brick, or rock, a criminal can gain access to a business in just a few seconds. However, if an entrance security gate is installed and locked, these rudimentary tools are ineffective.

An entrance security gate also acts as a visual deterrent that keeps criminals from even considering your business to be a target. Criminals know how effective physical security gates are and they know that trying to break into a property that has these tools installed will be very difficult and time consuming. Unlike window film (which is also designed to make it more difficult to break through glass), a criminal can easily see when an entrance security gate is installed and locked.

However, during business hours, it’s easy to roll or fold back the entrance security gate, keeping your property looking inviting and welcoming to customers and clients.

When you install an entrance security gate at your business, you let criminals know that you are serious about security. You also deter those criminals who do attempt a break in.

Smash and grab robberies are incredibly costly. Not only does your business lose the merchandise or other assets that are stolen in the crime, but criminals often cause significant damage when they break into a building. They have no respect for your property and are only interested in stealing the assets they want. This means that, after a smash and grab occurs, you’ll likely need to spend a lot of money repairing your door or
window, as well as any other damage that was caused by the break-in. In many cases, the damage caused by criminals in a smash and grab is more costly than the assets that are stolen. By using an entrance security gate and physical security tools, you protect your property and save yourself the cost and hassle of doing expensive repairs.

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