Retailers are finding the need to secure access to aisle during certain hours of operations.

Aisles in retail stores sometimes need to have restricted access, whether it be for undisturbed inventory, a barrier during loading – changing shelf merchandise, or if items are required by law not to be sold during certain days or operating hours.

Often customers do not understand the restriction and will make efforts to pass by any simple barriers, this is where a proper height and easy to use lockable barrier is needed.

Restricting Access to aisles

Protecting and restricting access to the aisles with single or bi-parting powder coated tubular steel security gates makes them readily available when you need them. Hidden stowed behind the end cap the leading edges can easily be pulled out to meet in the middle and lock with our Slam lock or mortise cylinder locking post.

If permanent mounted security gates will not work for your application Xpanda has an alternative solution using a portable mobile system that can easily be rolled from the storage room when needed and protect the access to the aisles when needed. These system can be set up in virtually any configuration, various stock heights and unlimited lengths to meet your needs. Speak to one of our specialist and discuss the access control needs and our solutions.

Xpanda Security gates have the unique ability to be installed to shelving or on our completely mobile security gate systems.


See how our permanent mounted gates work

Mobile portable aisle access control barriers

A mobile portable access control solution is ideal when a permanent solution is not possible. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and our team will help you find a cost effective solution to your access control and security needs. Our modular easy to use system can be broken down in sections to reduce length of train making it easy to use. The system can be set up for a straight run, curved radius and even at 90 degree returns, lengths are limitless and heights are available up to 98″ high. All our products are powder coated finished in four available colors White, Gray, Black or Safety Yellow.

portable security gates securing coffee kiosk

Airport portable security gates