A large percentage of retail crime takes the form of smash and grab robberies. These are crimes where a person or persons breaks through a door or window, quickly robs the location of valuables and leaves the scene before anyone can respond to the crime. Mobile phone and cellular phone stores are frequent targets of smash and grab criminals, and many stores still do not have physical security gates to protect them above the typical simple locks on their doors and cabinets.

The main reason for this is that cellular phone stores typically carry a lot of valuables. Phones, tablets and other small electronics are worth a lot of money on the black market. Plus, these items are small, which means that a large number of them can be carried out of a store without much difficulty. It doesn’t take a truck or a large group of people to steal thousands of dollars in valuables in just seconds. One or two people can leave the scene of the crime with a large amount of merchandise with ease.

Xpanda Open Closed Gate

Break-ins cost mobile phone stores a great deal of money. Not only do the stores lose the merchandise that is stolen, but criminals leave chaos behind. Store owners typically need to repair or replace doors, windows, display cases and many other assets after a smash and grab robbery. Not only is doing so very expensive, but it is also quite time consuming. Cellular phone stores often needed to be closed down for days following a smash and grab robbery. This results in lost sales that make the overall loss suffered by the store even greater.

Plus, if your store is broken into, you will need to go through the hassle and inconvenience of dealing with repair companies, law enforcement authorities, insurance companies and many other groups in an attempt to get your situation resolved and back to normal. In short, smash and grab robberies are incredibly costly.

Criminals Target Cellular Phone Stores

Mobile phones are incredibly popular. Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPad tablets, accessories and many other types of phones and mobile electronics aren’t just prized among consumers. They’re also very, very popular on the black market. Criminals can quickly and easily sell these items and make thousands of dollars of profit from a robbery. For this reason, they target cellular phone stores.

In fact, criminals often scout out mobile phone stores, looking for those locations that have the highest amount of easily accessible merchandise. They then strike quickly. A cellular phone store smash and grab robbery can take just a few minutes. Some even take just seconds. This simply doesn’t give anyone enough time to respond. Alarm systems may sound but, since the criminals flee the scene in literally minutes, the police can’t get there quickly enough. Video surveillance cameras may catch footage of the criminals, but this only helps after the fact, not before. Plus, more and more criminals have taken to covering their faces in order to protect themselves from security cameras.

Improving Cellular Phone Store Security

Physical security is a vital part of any cellular phone retail store security plan. The goal of a smash and grab criminal is to steal what he or she can quickly and escape before the authorities arrive. Physical security tools such as security gates prevent this from happening.

Strong, correctly-installed security gates on doors and windows slow down criminals. They know that they only have precious seconds to break into a property before they are spotted. Security gates take these seconds away and add on several minutes. In fact, security gates provide such a strong barrier to entry that many criminals avoid properties entirely when gates are installed. It just isn’t worth the effort or the risk to them.

When layered along with alarm systems and surveillance cameras, security gates give mobile phone stores the level of security, protection and safety that they need.

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